General Care: Any illness within the family may cause a child to miss school, or drop out entirely to work and help pay bills. Through our Medical Program, we hope to improve school attendance and maximize the potential of our students. Combating Malnutrition: Address childhood malnutrition from infancy onwards through our Well Mother, Well Baby and the Preschool Nutrition Programs. Through regular monitoring and evaluation and educational workshops we hope to track the development of children in these programs and help them and their families become healthier. Specialist Services: By partnering with various partner organizations, we connect specialists with patients who need their services. Culturally Sensitive Care: Our clinic is primarily run by indigenous Guatemalans, who are able to bridge the gap between traditional and Western care, and ensure that patients can access care in their first language. Diabetes Program: The clinic is currently developing a diabetes program to combat the spread of this avoidable disease through education. By supporting the community and ensuring access to preventative health care services and education through our clinic, we will be better able to serve and empower families. Why have we named our clinic in honor of Charlie? Charlie Gomez was a beloved member of the Mayan Families family, working for us as a translator for visiting medical groups in addition to working in our Carpentry Trade School. Because of the many medical challenges he faced throughout his life, Charlie created a unique connection between visiting doctors and local patients. We felt such immense sorrow when in July 2014, he passed away unexpectedly due to a seizure. In honor of his resilient spirit, we are launching the Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic, to continue Charlie’s legacy of compassion. Please help us honor Charlie by supporting the Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic so that his compassionate spirit lives on and continues to touch lives for many years to come.